I love making images.  As an Astrophysicist, I know the power of images to reveal the hidden processes in nature, and as a photographer, I aspire to use the power of imagery to add something to our lives closer to home.  My goal is to capture a moment in a way that tells a story, conveys a feeling, or reveals something wondrous.   Too often I find myself chagrined by my inability to make the camera see a moment the way I experience it, but this challenge also makes photography fun and pushes me to learn more and try again.
The above image was taken by my son, Nate.  One of the great joys of photography in my life is the connection it makes with my family and friends.  Images are part of that, but more important are our shared experiences.  My father taught me to shoot film, develop, and print in our home dark room more than thirty years ago.  The tools of photography have come a long way in that time, but the central challenge of capturing meaningful moments remains.
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